Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i went downtown and it burned up

Testing 1 2 3

I meant to set this up a week ago, but I'd been too busy/tired.  I'll try to write up the past few days soon.

I went downtown for the first time today.  After emerging from the metro I was greeted by this.  See the smoke?  That's the Shura Council building, the high house of Egypt's parliament, on fire.  I hope this isn't an omen.


Hoffman said...

Yeah :)

Kate said...

erm...no. not an omen.

(also I had no idea you could find me using google.)

i assume this means you haven't located the ridiculous hotel?

Patricia said...

I miss you Tommy!!

I'm so glad you started this!!!!!! ^^


Patricia said...

Need to post more often Tommy!!

You're much too funny! Hope your future adventures are just as exciting...but maybe a bit more safe =).

School here is boring. You are so lucky.

Tommy said...

Thanks Trish :) Can't have it too safe though--then it would just be boring. I miss you guys!

Jampour said...

Your blog rocks Tommy! Keep up the good work.