Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i do not like long flights, no i don't

The title says it all, really.  It took 19 hours to get from DFW to Cairo.  The first leg was a three hour flight to DC.  I fell asleep before takeoff and didn't wake until we were landing.  I bummed around Dulles for a couple of hours until my next flight.  I probably got something to eat but I couldn't tell you for sure--I was still in a very dreamy sort of haze.

For the flight to Frankfurt, I sat between a German girl and a nice old man.  Nice, but more than a little senile.  He was endlessly fascinated by everything going on around him and endlessly unable to figure any of it out (no sir, that's a sucker she has in her mouth, not a cigarette.  no, that doesn't mean you can smoke.  really.  that boy over there?  he's watching a movie on his ipod.  ipod... i-p-o-d.  it's like a walkman.  no, it isn't a walkman, i said it plays music like a walkman.  yes sir, he's watching a movie on his walkman.  sigh).  The German girl was perfectly pleasant to me, but she kept getting in shouting matches with the family behind us for reasons that I could never quite pin down.  Eventually everyone fell asleep.

I woke when we arrived in Frankfurt.  I got a chance to practice my German and, more importantly, visit the airport bar.  The beer I had there may have been the most delicious drink I've ever tasted, although coming off a seven-
hour flight just might have had something to do with it.  That, or the Germans just really know their stuff.

I sat by a very talkative lady on my flight to Cairo.  She recommended some sort of expatriate club in Maadi to me.  It sounded like the type of place where ladies gossip over the sewing circle and bluehairs play bridge.  When I couldn't take anymore I fell asleep.

After a quick trip to the duty-free and an even quicker trip through customs, I took an overpriced and overlong cab ride to my flat.  My new flatmate James poured me a beer and he got very excited when I told him I brought scotch.  It was a bonding experience, I guess.  Then I fell asleep.

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