Sunday, September 14, 2008

this is alexandria

Here's Tony, sitting on authentic Egyptian cinderblocks.

This is the amphitheater (when it's not covered with Europeans).

Me, after successfully driving the invaders away.

This was taken by our baksheesh-hungry police officer.

A street on the way to the hotel.

They shoot peasants from here.

Hello, Mr. Mubarak.

No beach, but at least the view was pretty.

And this is the reason we came.

With the sun setting.


Anonymous said...

this is spartaaaaa...
oh wait, that´s not what I wanted to say. I meant to say, this is excellent.
I really want to live in that tower they snipe peasants from.

Rachel said...

Dear Tommy,

Because of Facebook, I can now stalk you via Skype and this blog--great entries and photos...sounds like you're having a blast in Egypt!

Lindsay said...

Write another entry please, toe-moss. I want to see pictures from Mt. Sinai and Petra.
Your Amazing Sister